It amazes me the way Root interact with the machine, all the innuendos, the smirks, and the excited sounds she make every time she talk with HER. It seems like she flirt with the machine.


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"Tengo la teoría de que cuando uno llora, nunca llora por lo que llora, sino por todas las cosas por las que no lloró en su debido momento."

—Lo leí por ahí (via confesionarios)

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this is my favourite version you cant stop me

so damn good!

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- Root


"Root and Shaw, what is going on?"


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German Ad Doesn’t Need Words To Speak Volumes About Supporting Your Kids

Being a teenager is hard. But the German home improvement chain Hornbach knows having parents who go the extra mile to show their support can make a big difference.

Watch the full commercial that will sum those awkward high school years perfectly here. 

(Source: Hornbach

This is the kind of dad I want to be.

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I found this copy of Thoreau’s Walden buried in the park.  I opened it and saw these roots growing between the pages. I don’t know whether to frame it or put it back in the ground.



Imagine how it would look if the Orion nebula is only four light years away - the distance the nearest star is to us, instead of 1,300 light years. It would be so bright that we wouldn’t be aware of the dark sky. We wouldn’t see other stars. The whole world would be the Orion nebula and the sun.

-The Universe 2x14: Nebulas

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